The following are summaries of projects on which members of our team have worked. Some of these projects are recent, and some are historical. They represent the cumulative experience of the Odonata team of developers and engineers.

Cable Network Device Development

Hybrid-fiber coax (HFC) networks are the core of most cable companies, and the next generation of HFC networks are using the newest DOCSIS specifications. We helped a cable company develop the latest generation of network node devices that support the newest DOCSIS specification, so that they can provide the highest bandwidth possible to their customers.

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Set-top Box Development

Our team helped support the development and maintenance of set-top boxes for a satellite TV company. Our work included new development of features as well as support for older features. Several generations of set-top boxes were involved including a server-based device that is not-yet available to customers. Our team helped design and specify the features in this server-based set-top box.