Robotics STEAM Summer Camp June 2016

Robotics STEAM Summer Camps for Kids with LEGO® Robotics

We are proud to announce the Spearfish Robotics STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) summer camp program.  This camp is targeted at kids ages 8 to 16 with an interest in learning science and technology, but with an eye for creativity as well.  The program leverages Lego Robotics kits to teach programming, math, science, and creativity.  There are a series of classes that cover several programming and engineering topics, which are targeted at students that have little to no previous experience with Lego Robotics. Our immersion program with an instructor, mentors, and peers offers an opportunity to learn at your own pace with the level of guidance that suits your learning style.

Beginners Camp: Monday-Thursday, June 13th-16th, 1:00 to 3:30 PM  $90
United Methodist Church
If your kids love LEGO®s, robotics, and computers, they may have a blast at this STEAM camp for kids! In our camp, kids will learn the mechanics of motors, gears, and computer programming! Kids will learn to measure data, plot distance and time graphs, learn about velocity, learn about mechanical design of robots, and get a hands-on study of geometric shapes (and program their robots to draw!). Kids will learn a Lab-View based object-oriented program that makes visual programming for setting motor speeds, loops, turns, sensor inputs, and more! Aditionally, they can personalize their robot design, add sounds (they can talk!), and customize the digital display screen. 
Advanced Camp: Monday-Thursday, June 19th-122nd 1:00 to 3:30 PM  $90
United Methodist Church
If your kids love LEGO®s, robotics, and computers, they may have a blast at this STEAM camp for kids! If your child has already mastered the robot design and the program input to steer the robot, they may want to experience adding sensor input, motor-driven mechanical arms, and advanced line-following programs. The week finale is programming your robot to maneuver through an obstacle course! We will have an official FIRST LEGO® League obstacle table available for line following and color-sensing. 
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Teamwork is one of the big buzz words in technology these days. Our robotics teams (2 to 4 students) will take turns programming, adjusting the robot, measuring time/distance/rotation, and recording data. 
Classes are scheduled to give the kids enough time to feel the immersion of the topic and get a mission accomplished. The curriculum used has specific instructions for the task of the day, and worksheets to record measurements and answer thought-provoking questions. The EV3 is LEGO®'s latest robotics Mindstorms "brain", and includes sensor feedback: infrared, ultrasonic, color/light, gyroscope, and touch.  Additionally, each team will have an experienced robotics teen mentor to keep the team on track and focused, ensuring the computer is transmitting to the robot, and that the team is communicating and understanding mission objectives.
About Us
Instructor Mary Anderson has a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from SDSM&T and an M.S. degree in Materials Science from Iowa State University. With experience as a research scientist, database administrator, and SDSM&T mathematics Instructor (2010 to 2014), Mrs. Anderson has enjoyed coaching a First Lego League (TM) Robotics team for 3 years, and has heard many parents request the opportunity to get their kids in on the fun! Mrs. Anderson firmly believes that kids need room to explore, create, and discover on their own, but also have goals, challenges, and guidelines to spur the imagination. Teen mentors have been programming LEGO® Mindstorms robots for three years, and have performed at FIRST LEGO® League competiotions in Rapid City and Sioux Falls.